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In Ghana and Senegal, Proparco supports Gravita, an Indian industrial recycling company

gravita group recyclage batteries lithium senegal ghana
Proparco and OeEB, the Austrian DFI, join forces to provide a €34 million senior debt funding to Gravita Netherlands B.V. (GNBV), the overseas division head of Gravita India Limited (GIL). The group is a key player in the industrial recycling industry, especially in lead recycling, in India and overseas. Proparco and OeEB will support the international branch of GIL by increasing the recycling capacity and funding its daily needs.
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Press release: Proparco invested €2.3 billion throughout the world in 2022, including 45% in Africa

AB Zambie - Proparco
With 214 projects confirmed in 2022 for an amount of €2.3 billion, Proparco’s activity broke the €2 billion barrier for the fourth year in a row. The year 2022 closed out Proparco’s 2020-2022 strategic cycle and featured a strengthening of the sustainable development rating process as part of the transition to its Strategy 2023-2027: “Acting together for greater impact”. This rating enhances the project selection process and includes a criterion of alignment with the objectives of the Paris Climate Agreement.
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Proparco Impact Report 2022: the interactive version

Rapport d'impact 2022 - Version web
For the fourth year in a row, Proparco’s commitments topped the two billion euro mark, with a total of 214 projects. 59 new projects totalling €1.46 billion have been analysed and subject to an ex ante impact assessment. Discover the interactive version of the Proparco Impact Report 2022.
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