Processing of customer complaints

Proparco establishes and maintains in an operational state a procedure for handling complaints, which are defined as the expression of dissatisfaction (excluding requests for information, opinions or services).
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Traitement réclamations clients



This complaints handling procedure concerns Proparco's customers, former customers, beneficiaries, people who have asked Proparco to supply a product or service or who have been approached by Proparco.

This procedure does not concern environmental and social complaints. For these complaints, please click on E & S Complaints Mechanism.



In order to allow the plaintiff to have a dated copy of their complaint, complaints are sent by postal service (sent by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt) to the attention of Proparco’s Legal Department, 151 rue Saint-Honoré, 75001 Paris.

For complaints made orally or by instant messaging, if a satisfactory resolution could not be given immediately to the plaintiff, the latter is invited to formalize their dissatisfaction by postal mail to the address above.

The claimant is asked to provide their contact details (postal address, email address, telephone), so that they may be contacted by Proparco.

Proparco undertakes:

  • to acknowledge receipt of complaints within a maximum of ten working days from the date of its receipt unless an answer is provided to the plaintiff within this period;
  • to provide a written response to any written complaint within two months from the same date.