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The support to Prabhat Dairy, an Indian dairy product company, is allowing it to increase its production. These investments also benefit local dairy farmers, with whom Prabhat Dairy has close relations.
Client presentation
Prabhat Dairy Private Ltd is an Indian dairy product company. Its products are made with cow’s milk and benefit from a leading position in the segment of milk packaged in plastic bags and ghee. The company has one of the largest sweetened condensed milk factories in India and is a major supplier of milk-based food ingredients. It collects over 0.8 million liters of milk from over 65,000 farmers every day.
Project description
Proparco’s equity investment will finance the construction of a new milk, yoghurt and ice cream production units in Vashi-Greater Mumbai, the expansion of the company’s facilities in Shrirampur in order to produce cheese and UHT milk, and the increase in production capacity, particularly for sweetened condensed milk, milk powder, coffee whitener and concentrated butter.
Project impact
This project will contribute to promoting high-quality milk: Prabhat Dairy has built high-level production units, which allow it to offer safe milk products. It will also contribute to increasing farmers’ incomes. The company has developed an extensive supply network close to local farmers. Consequently, the development of its activity will have a positive impact on the farming community.
Date of signature of the project
Financing tool
7 039 909 Euros
Amount of funding
Equity investment of MINR 600
Financing details
Prabhat Dairy Private Limited