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MLA : un prêt pour renforcer le financement en crédit-bail en Algérie
In Algeria, Proparco is supporting leasing finance solutions for material and equipment in a large number of economic sectors via a EUR 235,000 equity investment in the leasing company MAGHREB LEASING ALGERIE (MLA).
Client presentation

Maghreb Leasing Algérie (MLA Leasing) was set up in 2006 at the initiative of Tunisie Leasing, with support from its main shareholder, the Tunisian Amen Group. MLA offers leasing finance solutions for commercial and passenger vehicles, passenger and freight transport equipment, building, public works and handling materials, industrial, computer and office equipment and real estate. 

Project description

Proparco’s equity investment in MLA in 2007 supported the development of the company’s financing activities. In 2019, Proparco made an additional equity  investment in MLA to help the company comply with the new regulatory capital requirements of Algeria’s Central Bank and assist it with its development plan. 

Project impact

By taking an equity stake in MLA in 2007 and subsequently making an additional equity investment in MLA in 2019, Proparco is contributing to promoting the development of a more integrated North African financial sector. This project more specifically contributes to strengthening the fabric of local SMEs, which find a simple and quick financing solution in leasing.  

Date of signature of the project
Financing tool
2 086 152 Euros
Amount of funding
DZD 223,040,000 Equity investment
Financing details