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Through the Bridge Fund by Digital Africa, Proparco is supporting ilara Health, a Kenyan company which supplies clinics and health centers in Sub-Saharan Africa.
Client presentation

ilara Health is a company based in Kenya which provides services for the distribution and financing of affordable medical diagnosis equipment. ilara works with innovative and low-cost equipment manufacturers. It integrates the medical diagnosis equipment in its internal technology platform in order to provide connected equipment and a financing solution to clinics and health centers operating in disadvantaged urban and periurban areas.

Project description

Proparco’s EUR 500,000 of financing comes in addition to the fundraising conducted by Ilara. 

This financing is part of the Bridge Fund by Digital Africa facility. Promoted by Digital Africa and deployed by Proparco, this fund aims to provide a response tailored to the challenges faced by innovative African start-ups whose development is currently limited by the economic impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Project impact

The Bridge Fund by Digital Africa is a growth acceleration tool for start-ups and a solution in response to the increased financing difficulties related to the Covid-19 crisis.

Date of signature of the project
Financing tool
500 000 Euros
Amount of funding
EUR 500,000 loan
Financing details
ilara Health Inc.