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The partnership signed with Equity BCDC, the subsidiary of Equity Bank in the Democratic Republic of Congo, is making it possible to set up joint initiatives to support Congolese SMEs affected by the Covid-19 crisis.
Client presentation

Equity BCDC is the Congolese subsidiary of Equity Bank, one of the largest African banks in terms of assets and geographical coverage. The Group specifically focuses on financing and supporting large companies and SMEs. In the DRC, Equity BCDC stands out for its continued support to SMEs, women entrepreneurs and rural communities with appropriate financing solutions. 

Equity Bank is also known for its high-impact development programs led by the Equity Group Foundation in the fields of education, health, energy, agribusiness, financial inclusion and social protection.

Project description

This partnership with Equity BCDC aims to provide a response to the effects of the crisis and offer concrete financing solutions to support Congolese SMEs. 
Propoarco offers risk-sharing instruments that improve access to bank loans for SMEs, thereby boosting their development.

Project impact

This new initiative of Proparco and Equity Bank is specifically helping to: 

  • Support and assist the SME segment in a country with a complex environment where access to financing for SMEs remains limited;
  • Create and maintain jobs in the economy;
  • Support local companies in key sectors, such as financial inclusion, health, education, agribusiness and other high-impact sectors.
Date of signature of the project
Democratic Republic of Congo
Financing tool
13 000 000 Euros
Amount of funding
USD 14,709,500 guarantee
Financing details