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Cambodge, AMRET
Amret, a Cambodian microfinance institution, is mainly established in rural areas. By supporting it, Proparco is contributing to providing access to financial services which are mainly based on microfinance in Cambodia.
Client presentation
Amret is one of the main microfinance institutions in Cambodia. It is one of the leading players both by its number of clients and the size of its network in rural or semi-rural areas. It offers a whole range of loans and deposits, including individual and group loans, SME loans and savings accounts, as well as term deposits.
Project description
After becoming a shareholder of Amret, Proparco allocated it a loan to finance its growth. These financial allocations will support the institution’s future developments, particularly in terms of institutional transformation, and will help it face the current issues in the sector. This operation will thereby allow Amret to serve an even larger number of clients.
Project impact
This operation will contribute to the development of microfinance in a country where it is often the only way for populations to access financial services. It will help create jobs and increase incomes for clients and their families. It will contribute to strengthening financial inclusion for populations in Cambodia.
Date of signature of the project
4 324 239 Euros
Amount of funding
Equity investment of EUR 1,6m and loan of USD 4m
Financing details