Proparco is supporting higher education in Africa

Uganda Senegal Zambia Multi-country Africa
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Etudiant diplômé
African Education Holdings (AEH) is set to acquire other universities thanks to a EUR 6.3m equity investment by Proparco. The objective is to increase the capacity and help these universities strengthen their education provision.
Client presentation

AEH was set up in 2014 at the initiative of the manager Emerging Capital Partners and holds three universities in Zambia (CUZ), Uganda (CUU) and Senegal (IAM), with a total of over 6,000 students. With strong growth in demand for higher education, AEH aims to offer training that matches career opportunities (accounting, information technology, medicine, law…) and make it widely available via distance learning.

Project description

The project aims to allow other universities to be acquired, not only to increase their capacity by refurbishing campuses or building new ones, but also to help these universities strengthen their education provision and implement the highest management and governance standards.

Project impact

By supporting the growth of universities in Sub-Saharan African, the project will have significant impacts on the development of higher education, a driver of growth and economic and social development. This project meets a need for quality education in the target countries, which are marked by strongly growing demand and a public service which may not have a sufficient intake capacity. The training given is geared towards the employability of students and focuses on the qualifications sought by the market (e.g. information technology). In addition, the tariffs charged by the group are aligned with market prices and are affordable for the middle classes. Scholarship programs will also allow students from low-income families to access the education services offered by AEH.

Date of signature of the project
Uganda Senegal Zambia Multi-country Africa
Financing tool
6 300 000 Euros
Amount of funding
USD 7m Equity investment
Financing details
African Education Holdings