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“3 questions to” Agnès Huang, investment officer for the Accion venture lab (AVL) project

Projet AVL
In 2019, PROPARCO invested in the seed fund Accion Venture Lab (AVL), which is considered as one of the top fintech specialists in Africa, Asia and Latin America. This operation will support the creation of structural start-ups for the development of the financial inclusion of populations.

Agnès Huang, an Investment Officer in PROPARCO’s Financial Institutions and Innovation Division (IAB), tells us about the expected impacts of this equity investment.
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The SIBC accelerates and commits itself alongside entrepreneurs operating in Africa to address the Covid 19 crisis

Promotion 2019 du SIBC
After being imagined and incubated by the AFD Campus du Développement, the Social & Inclusive Business Camp (SIBC) will be piloted over the next three years by I&P Conseil and its partners - African Management Institute, ScaleChanger and StartupBRICS - to accelerate its deployment, particularly in Africa. This hybrid coaching program dedicated to entrepreneurs in their scale up stage and producing societal impacts will be organized by the consortium with the close support of the AFD and the programme's historical partners. This year's Covid-19 crisis shows that our societies must take responsibility for environmental and social inclusion issues. We need to rapidly develop capacities for resilience and societal innovation, and to do this we need innovative social entrepreneurs more than ever.

Therefore, for its 2020 edition, the SIBC is committed to working alongside entrepreneurs to strengthen their capacities for growth and resilience in the face of an unprecedented economic and health crisis, notably through the construction of an ad hoc "SOS Covid" course, available in English and French, for all candidates to the programme as well as the existing community. This 4th edition, still focused on societal innovations, will once again highlight the themes of environmental responsibility, technical innovations to serve the most vulnerable through e-health or ed-tech.
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