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A new loan agreement in the amount of USD 35 million has been successfully signed between Proparco and AKLease. This is the only loan facility Proparco has extended to the Turkish financial sector in 2021. Through this agreement, AKLease will finance energy efficiency and renewable energy investments.

AKLease, one of the leading brands in Turkish leasing sector, signed a new loan agreement of USD 35 million with Proparco, the private sector subsidiary of the French Development Agency (AFD). This is the only loan extended by Proparco to the Turkish financial sector in 2021 and with this loan facility AKLease will finance energy efficiency and renewable energy investments. The agreement, which will also plays an important role in the development of the Turkish economy, is expected to indirectly support more than 11,000 new jobs in companies that will benefit from this financing.

"Proparco is pleased to collaborate once more with its long-time partner, Aklease, to support them in their very ambitious sustainable strategy. Aklease, through its willingness to be ever more responsible, confirms that the involvement of the financial sector will be key to address climate change and its consequences in Turkey.” said Stéphane Froissardey, Regional Director for Turkey, Caucasus, Central Asia, Balkans and Eastern Europe.

AKLease General Manager, Çetin Düz has made the following statement about the loan agreement: “As AKLease, we are proud to sign such an important agreement on behalf of our country and our institution. We have proved with numbers how important sustainability is in the leasing sector, especially through our achievements in the field of sustainability. By making a big breakthrough in the sector in 2021, we introduced ECOLease, the first and only sustainability-linked product in the leasing sector in Turkey to the sector and our customers. In continuation of this, thanks to the loan facility that Proparco has extended to us as a symbol of their trust in our country's economy and our institution we will take our works in this field one step further. By providing more support to the energy efficiency and renewable energy investments, we will continue our works and efforts with the aim of leaving a greener world to future generations.”

Through these various expected development impacts, the project will contribute to the SDGs 7 (Clean and Affordable Energy), 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth), 9 (Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure) and 13 (Action on Climate Change).

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