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Colombo - Sri-Lanka
Battling climate change, preserving biodiversity and supporting stakeholders in the health and education sectors... Proparco finances a number of impact funds with a development mandate throughout the Indo-Pacific region. We met with five such funds.


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Kaizenvest is an investment fund specialised in the education sector that primarily targets initiatives that complement the public sector offering in India, the Philippines and Sri Lanka. The fund invests across the education value chain by harnessing two main vectors: learning (i.e., schools, universities, nurseries, vocational training) and ancillary services to improve access and quality (including e-learning, management systems and school financing).

  • Sandeep Anja, Co-founder and CEO of Kaizenvest fund

“We invest in companies that provide solutions to either access or quality issues that plague the education sector across the Indo-Pacific region.”

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Quadria Capital Fund I & II is an investment fund that specialises in the health sector. Through equity investing, Proparco helps to finance the South and Southeast Asian health sector. This programme aims to redress the imbalance in this region between insufficient supply of healthcare and rapidly growing demand.

  • Rahul Agarwal, Managing Director, Quadria Capital

“Quadria’s mission is to invest in the most under-served regions of the Indo-Pacific, primarily south and south-east Asia.”


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Aavishkaar Frontier Fund invests in businesses in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Indonesia with an inclusive and impactful business model that benefits low-income populations. The fund targets projects in the agribusiness, renewable energy, education, health, water & sanitation and tech sectors.

  • Vineet Rai, Founder, Aavishkaar Frontier Fund

“Proparco has remained probably one of the strongest supporters of our expansion in Indo-Pacific.”


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Circulate Capital is a Singapore-based fund manager financing growth opportunities at the juncture of climate technology. Circulate Capital Ocean Fund I-B – which Proparco has supported to the tune of $US 5.6 million – combats plastic pollution and promotes the circular economy in South and Southeast Asia.

  • Meeta Narsinghani, Representative of Circulate Capital in India

Our ambition is to unlock one billion dollars to prevent 150 million tons of plastic pollution.”


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GEF Capital is an investment fund that focuses on businesses active in the areas of energy efficiency, clean energy and natural resource optimisation in South Asia.

  • Raj Pai, Managing Partner, GEF Capital

“We started our relationship with Proparco in 2018 and Proparco has been one of the core investors in our South Asia Growth Fund II.”