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Projet KPEII
KPE II is an investment fund specialized in the education sector. It invests in South and Southeast Asia both in education facilities (from daycare centers to universities) and the related services.
Client presentation
Investment fund specialized in the education sector in South and Southeast Asia, set up in 2009 by Sandeep Aneja and Jetu Lalvani. They raised their first funds in 2011 and invest in 10 companies specialized in the sector.
Project description
The priority target for the initiative will be India, the Philippines and Sri Lanka, by targeting initiatives that are complementary to public provision. The team will invest in the entire education value chain via two main areas (i) education (schools, universities, daycare centers, vocational training) and (ii) related services to improve access and quality (including e-learning, management systems, financing of schools). The investment tickets are expected to range between USD 3m and USD 15m.
Project impact
The support for this team will help create new companies (i) in a priority sector for AFD Group and (ii) in geographical areas more neglected by equity investors (Philippines, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Vietnam and Bangladesh). In addition, the fund expects some 2,000 jobs will be created and that there will be a positive impact on gender via a formalized policy (50% of jobs are to be held by women).
Date of signature of the project
India Philippines Sri LankaMulti-country Asia
Financing tool
6 874 880 Euros
Amount of funding
Equity investment of USD 8m
Financing details