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Proparco - Impacts 2023
2023 was marked by the launch of Proparco's 2023-2027 strategy, "Acting together for greater impact". Our two new publications – "The Essential" and "Top 10 projects in 2023" – illustrate the diversity and impact of the financing committed to the strategic focuses. Some explanations...

The 2023-2027 strategy now focuses Proparco's activities on three strategic objectives: I. For a more sustainable and resilient economy (on the African continent and in priority countries); II. For our planet, and III. For greater equality (in all of our geographies).  Striving for impact is the common denominator. This ambition is embodied in our day-to-day actions and in all of our projects for 2023. Pending publication of our Impact Report, you can access a condensed version, “The Essential" together with our "Top 10 projects in 2023".

In 2023, in Least Developed Countries (LDCs) and fragile states, Proparco supported around fifty projects in sectors such as decentralised energy, start-ups and SMEs, as well as in agriculture and agri-business. In Iraq for example, AFD’s private sector financing arm is helping the agribusiness Sama Al-Manar to improve food security, create jobs and diversify the country's economy. Proparco is also focused on promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in Africa, with Choose Africa and Digital Africa.

Climate change will account for over 40% of Proparco's activity in 2023, a jump of almost 70% in volume compared with 2021 (i.e., from €0.67bn to €1.13bn). For example, at COP28 in Dubai, a consortium of European development finance institutions syndicated by Proparco announced the signature of a $200 million impact loan. Objective: to support the Ecobank Group's strategy for sustainable development and combating climate change. This is the very first Sustainability-Linked Loan granted to a financial institution in sub-Saharan Africa.

Proparco is traditionally focused on financial inclusion and is striving to more systematically integrate a Gender component into the projects it finances, across all sectors. For example, in Senegal, the financing of Dakar BRT, Sub-Saharan Africa’s first 100% electric bus network, will improve daily access to transport for 125,000 women – as well as their safety – while encouraging female employment in the transport sector.

Find out more about the impacts generated by our projects by downloading "The Essential" and "Top 10 projects in 2023” :