SECHAUD Philippe

Independent Director (Start date of mandate: 31/01/2001)
Member of the Investment Advisory Committee
Takes part in committee(s) and board(s)

Professional experience

Philippe Séchaud is a graduate of École polytechnique and a civil engineering graduate of Ponts et Chaussées. He began working at PNUD in New-York in 1968 as a technical advisor. He then joined SIFIDA in Geneva which he ran for over 30 years. Société d’investissement pour l’Afrique (SIFIDA) was set up in 1970 by approximately 120 banks and international industrial groups – including the African Development Bank (ADB) and Société financière internationale (SFI). It was acquired by BNP in 1996. Philippe Séchaud sat on the Board of PROPARCO from 1990 to 2013 as representative of SIFIDA, and then of BNP Paribas group and as an individual since 2013. Philippe Séchaud is a Director of FISEA since its setting-up by the AFD in 2009, and a member of the Investment Committee of Argan Infrastructure Fund – an African infrastructure fund whose shareholders include SFI, EIB, ADB and PROPARCO. He’s an independent director of BICICI (Ivory Cost) and BICIS (Senegal).