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While it is still far from achieving a penetration similar to the American continent, Europe or Asia, venture capital investment is experiencing strong and continuous growth In Africa. For example, in 2017, some USD 560m were raised by over 120 African start-ups – a 53% increase compared to 2016 and a new record for Africa!

Based on this observation, we felt it was essential to understand the issues and mechanisms which govern venture capital in Africa. What are the components of an ecosystem conducive to the development of start-ups? How to explain why the continent is lagging somewhat in this sector? But also, how to understand the role of development finance institutions, including AFD Group, in this field?

To answer these questions, we have naturally given a voice to experts in these questions, via 12 feature articles, key figures and case studies. For example, Andrea Traversone, from the Amadeus Capital Partners fund, outlines the opportunities for venture capital in Africa. You will also have the pleasure of reading passionate entrepreneurs, such as Karim Sy, the well-known founder of the Jokkolabs network, or Mike Quinn and Grant Brooke, who tell us about their experience at the head of the start-ups Zoona and Twiga Foods.
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