For PROPARCO , 2010 has been an African year. With more than 420 million Euros in new commitments (almost 45% of annual financing), we have become sub-Saharan Africa’s leading bilateral partner. This region has always been one of our priorities; our legitimacy depends on it. Credit for these unprecedented results belongs to my predecessor, Luc Rigouzzo, as does our presence in Latin America and the Caribbean. PROPARCO has considerable aspirations for these regions with the opening this year of an office in Mexico City. Just one year after placing all developing countries within our approved geographical scope, this zone now represent 27% of annual commitments. In regions still considered too risky by investors, we have yet again successfully countered the trends. 2010 has also been marked by an exceptional level of equity investments. With an historic 200 million Euros – a 123% rise compared to 2009 – PROPARCO has returned to its founding principles established 33 years ago, that of providing long-term, ongoing development assistance to Southern entrepreneurs.

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