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Building a more just and more sustainable world for all – a world in common – requires successfully achieving five main transitions, both over here and over there: energy, digital, territorial, demographic and citizen-based. Succeeding in these transitions is essential for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Managing to do so requires respecting the uniqueness of each country, the diversity of development choices, but also scaling up exchanges and partnerships.

AFD is a public and solidarity-based development bank with a mandate to help France’s partners along the pathway towards this world in common. It operates in a number of sectors (energy, health, biodiversity, water, urban planning, training) and offers a wide range of financial andnon-financial services. Its priorities? Fight against climate change and poverty, and help stabilize fragile or post-crisis countries to fight against.

AFD is a central actor in France’s development policy and supports States, companies, local authorities and NGOs. It builds synergies with them to catalyze, feed into and disseminate innovative solutions that benefit people.

Through its network of 85 agencies, AFD operates in 108 countries, where it is currently financing, monitoring and supporting over 2,500 development projects. Thanks to its network of researchers and experts, it also participates in the public policy dialogue, shares its know-how, and raises awareness of development and international solidarity issues.

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