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PROPARCO’s aim in supporting Wadi’s development is to promote a major Egyptian agro-industrial group, which benefits from quality certifications. It is a model in terms of health standards and has a strong impact on employment.
Client presentation
WADI GROUP is one of the agribusiness leaders in Egypt. The group is mainly active in poultry and poultry feedstuff production. It has recently diversified into new activities, such as the production of glass containers, cooling systems, and olive production and processing. The company benefits from quality certifications, including ecological and health certifications.
Project description
By becoming a shareholder of Wadi, Proparco will be supporting the company’s growth. Several agri-food projects are under development and will require major investments in the future.
Project impact
This project will support a major actor in the local economy, which supplies top quality food products for the local market. WADI GROUP, which employs over 3,700 people, also has a strong impact on employment. The group has model health standards and also more generally contributes to disseminating high standards in the agribusiness sector.
Date of signature of the project
Financing tool
2 140 893 Euros
Amount of funding
Equity investment of USD 3,1m
Financing details
Wadi Holdings S.A.E