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Vinte, logement durable
By becoming a shareholder of VINTE, a sustainable housing construction company, PROPARCO is supporting the creation of spaces of social diversity in Mexico
Client presentation

Vinte operates in the housing construction sector in Mexico and was set up in 2001. The company has been listed on the Mexican Stock Exchange since 2016 (BMV index). 

Vinte’s strategy is based on a unique concept in Mexico to develop integrated communities. The company covers the entire value chain of urban construction (acquisition of land, obtaining permits, urban planning, design, construction and marketing of plots) offering its clients a final product that is not confined to the housing unit alone but comprises all the associated basic infrastructure (water & electricity connections, roads, health, education, park, sports fields, play area, etc.). 

Vinte has also developed privileged partnerships with other development finance institutions, such as IFC, DEG and IDB Invest.

Project description

The project involves a USD 20m equity investment in the capital of Vinte, corresponding to 7% of the company’s capital, in order to finance the future construction of new housing in Mexico.

Project impact

The project is expected to generate major economic impacts: average annual contribution to tax revenues of EUR 10.4m, as well as EUR 84m to Mexico’s GDP; contribution to the development of the local value chain with an annual average of local sourcing of EUR 110m over the next 5 years…

It should also contribute to:

  • promoting social diversity in Mexico thanks to the creation of urban communities comprising all Mexican social classes,
  • improving access to essential education and health services, as Vinte has to date built 7 clinics, 2 hospitals and 24 schools. The project is expected to contribute to financing 8,000 houses, 
  • employment and training for local communities (support for over 68,800 jobs in Mexico’s economy). 
Date of signature of the project
Financing tool
17 699 115 Euros
Amount of funding
USD 20m equity invesment
Financing details