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Projet Tunisie LEASING LC15
PROPARCO’s aim in supporting Tunisie Leasing’s credit activity is to promote access to long-term financing in local currency for microenterprises and SMEs. More generally, this support is contributing to diversifying financial services in the country.
Client presentation
Tunisie Leasing was the first leasing company set up in Tunisia in 1984. It offers lease financing solutions, both tangible (passenger vehicles, small trucks, public works equipment, medical equipment, industrial equipment, etc.) and intangible (offices, practices, shops, workshops, depots, factories). The company has also been able to position itself in innovative activities, such as vehicle long-term leasing and factoring. Tunisie Leasing is mainly active with SMEs and microenterprises in the retail, service and industry sectors. The credit institution is part of Amen Group.
Project description
Proparco’s credit line will support the development of Tunisie Leasing’s activity. This operation will also contribute to diversifying Tunisie Leasing’s financing sources, in a context of serious tension on liquidity in dinars and foreign currencies. Proparco’s financing will support the bank’s implementation of an environmental and social risk management system, with the adoption of practices recognized by international standards.
Project impact

This operation will improve access to long-term financing for microenterprises/SMEs – as leasing allows them to benefit from simpler and faster financing solutions than traditional bank loans. It will also contribute to completing the range of financing solutions in local currency and extending the range of financial services available in Tunisia. Tunisie Leasing’s adoption of environmental and social best practices is likely to have positive impacts for the entire banking sector in Tunisia.

Tunisie Leasing’s adoption of Environmental and Social good practices is likely to have positive impacts for Tunisia’s entire banking sector.

Date of signature of the project
Financing tool
10 030 000 Euros
Amount of funding
EUR 10m loan and technical assistance of EUR 30,000
Financing details
Tunisie Leasing LC15