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By financing a photovoltaic plant managed by Genersa – a major electricity producer in Honduras –, Proparco is supporting the country's energy diversification, while contributing to the development of a local solar industry.
Client presentation
Genersa is a company which is building and operating a 25 MW photovoltaic solar power plant. It was set up by the Honduran investor Grupo Terra, one of the main independent power producers in Central America (installed capacity of over 500 MW). It is the third joint investment in renewable energies made by Grupo Terra and PROPARCO, after the Vesa wind farm and Mecer solar project.
Project description
The project involves financing a 25 MW PV solar park in Honduras, GENERSA. The project is located in the southwest of Honduras, in the Choluteca Department near El Salvador, a region which has high irradiation rates.
Project impact
The project will contribute to increasing the renewable energy generation capacity in Honduras and is therefore fully in line with the country’s energy policy, which aims to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels and develop alternative energy sources. The project will be one of the first solar projects in the country and, in this respect, is contributing to the development of this industry both locally and in Central America. The power plant will reduce annual GHG emissions by an estimated 20,000 teq CO2.
Date of signature of the project
Financing tool
13 164 080 Euros
Amount of funding
2 loans totalling to USD 14 000 00,01
Financing details