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Minibus-taxis en Afrique du Sud
SA Taxi offers financing to SMEs which own a fleet of minibus taxis. This USD 10m loan in local currency will help the company develop and put into circulation new and safer vehicles for millions of passengers who use these minibuses in South Africa every day.
Client presentation

SA Taxi is a vertically integrated taxi platform utilising specialist capabilities, enriched proprietary data and technology to provide developmental finance and other services to empower SMEs and create shared value opportunities thus ensuring the sustainability of the minibus taxi industry.
For more information, go to: www.sataxi.co.za

Project description

This loan is intended to help the company sustain its growth and continue to put new and safer vehicles on the road to service the millions of commuters who use minibus transport every day.

Project impact

Proparco’s loan will help the SA Taxi create or sustain approximately 360 minibus taxi SMEs providing approximately 650 direct jobs.
As 100% of SA Taxi’s customers are black-owned and 20% woman-owned, populations who are typically underserved by traditional financiers, this loan will also advance the cause for financial inclusion.
Finally, through SA Taxi’s commitment to replacing high emission vehicles with less emitting ones, CO2 emissions will be reduced.

Date of signature of the project
South Africa
Financing tool
8 134 710 Euros
Amount of funding
Loan of USD 10m
Financing details