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Projet rabo
The India Agri Business Fund II supports mid-cap SMEs in the agribusiness sector. By taking strong minority stakes, the fund supports the modernization of these growing companies.
Client presentation
India Agri Business Fund II is the successor fund to India Agri Business Fund I (IABF I). It is sponsored by the Dutch banking group Rabo Bank.
Project description
India Agri Business Fund II (IABF II) will invest in medium-sized SMEs that operate throughout the agro-industrial value chain (inputs, primary processing, agricultural infrastructure, etc.). IABF II has a target size of USD 200m and will take strong minority positions (15% to 40%) in order to be able to influence corporate governance. Its objective will be to support promoters during the development phase (increase in production capacity or new product lines).
Project impact
This operation will contribute to supporting India’s agro-industrial sector, which requires substantial investments in the coming decades to increase its productivity and upgrade. It will support capacity building for the companies invested in thanks to the fund’s involvement in governance, improving accounting practices or developing human resources. In addition, the investments of IABF II will make a direct contribution to consolidating employment in the dozen or so targeted companies
Date of signature of the project
Financing tool
8 916 630 Euros
Amount of funding
Equity investment of USD 10m
Financing details