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En Tanzanie, un complexe immobilier à usage mixte pour développer les infrastructures urbaines
This project, located in Dar Es Salam, will be the largest mixed-use real estate complex in Tanzania and will include shops and offices. It will contribute to equipping the country with urban facilities, especially commercial facilities.
Client presentation
Peninsula Plaza is a project company set up for the construction and commissioning of a mixed-use real estate complex with shops and offices in Dar es Salam.
Project description
Peninsula Plaza will be Tanzania’s largest mixed-use real estate complex with shops (75%) and offices (25%). With a rental floor space of 30,500 m2, Peninsula Plaza will be a unique location in Tunisia, with a supermarket, restaurants, shops, services and offices. The project benefits from a very good location right in the heart of the Msasani Peninsula, an area which currently does not have this type of facilities, whereas there is strong demand.
Project impact
Peninsula Plaza project is part of a development and structuring process for urban infrastructure in Dar es Salaam and will lead to significant impacts, in particular the improvement in urban infrastructure, the structuring of the local economic base, as well as a whole host of impacts on employment. In addition to the direct impacts on employment related to the construction and operation of the shopping center, the goods and services on offer will contribute to supporting a local value chain, and therefore indirect jobs.
Date of signature of the project
Financing tool
10 694 234 Euros
Amount of funding
Loan of 12 MUSD
Financing details