Towards a regional healthcare facility network in the Maghreb region: the ambitious objective of NAHHG

Multi-Country Mediterranean and the middle East Egypt Morocco Tunisia
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NAHHG is a healthcare investment platform seeking to acquire four facilities in Egypt and Tunisia. They will start off a chain of referral healthcare centers which the company aims to develop in the region.
Client presentation
North Africa Hospital Holdings Group (NAHHG) is an investment platform dedicated to the health sector. NAHHG is managed by Abraaj Group, a major venture capital player, and aims to build a network of private hospitals and improve the quality of healthcare provision in North Africa.
Project description

Proparco’s financing will initially support NAHHG’s acquisition of four health facilities: Cleopatra Hospital and Cairo Medical Center in Egypt, and the Taoufik and Soukra clinics in Tunisia. These facilities have a total of 579 beds and over 75,000 hospitalizations a year. NAHHG will subsequently continue to acquire health facilities in order to build a chain of referral clinics in the region in the medium term.

Project impact
This project will support the increase in the capacity of the four health facilities, the creation/reopening of services, the recruitment of qualified staff, and will also help improve their environmental and social practices. It will thereby contribute to the development of high-quality healthcare provision adapted to changes in healthcare needs in North Africa.
Date of signature of the project
Multi-Country Mediterranean and the middle East Egypt Morocco Tunisia
Financing tool
12 354 831 Euros
Amount of funding
USD 15m Equity investment
Financing details
North Africa Hospital Holding Group Abraaj North Africa Fund II