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Site barrage Nachtigal, cameroun
The Proparco and AFD Group loan is contributing to financing the construction of strategic infrastructure for Cameroon: a 420 MW run-of-river hydropower plant. The Nachtigal power plant will eventually supply some 30% of the country’s power generation and improve and secure access to electricity for communities, while contributing to the country’s low-carbon transition.
Client presentation

The Nachtigal project is led by NHPC (Nachtigal Hydro Power Company), which is today owned by EDF (40%), IFC (20%) and the State of Cameroon (15%), Africa50 (15%) and STOA (10%).

Project description

The Nachtigal project involves designing, building and operating for 35 years a dam and a 420 MW hydropower plant on the Sanaga River at the Nachtigal Falls, located 65 km to the North-East of Yaoundé. It also comprises the construction of a 50 km power transmission line to Nyom.

Project impact

The Nachtigal project will meet the growth in the country’s electricity demand, with a tariff of EUR 0.06/KWh. At its commissioning, the electricity produced will account for some 30% of the generation of the interconnected grid. The project sets Cameroon on a sustainable development path thanks to the development of a locally available energy with low emissions (845,000t of CO2 avoided every year). It will also contribute to the creation of over 1,500 direct jobs.
The Nachtigal plant will benefit from the regulation of the flow of the Sanaga, which is facilitated by the upstream Mbakaou and Lom Pangar dams, both of which are cofinanced by AFD. 100% of the electricity produced will be bought by ENEO, the Cameroon electricity company, a partner of PROPARCO since 2006.

Date of signature of the project
Climate co-benefit project
Financing tool
60 000 000 Euros
Amount of funding
Loan of EUR 60m
Financing details
Nachtigal Hydro Power Company
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