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Mobilitas is a French family-owned group specialized in logistics activities and is developing its document archiving activities (physical or electronic) in Africa. There are still very few of these services in Africa.
Client presentation

MOBILITAS is a French family-owned group set up in 1974. It is continuously diversifying in logistics activities: domestic and international removals, furniture storage, physical and electronic document management. The group operates in 80 countries, including 49 African countries. MOBILITAS achieves over 50% of its turnover at international level and 35% in Africa. It employs over 3,800 people.

Project description

Proparco’s loan will allow Mobilitas Group to finance its investment plan in Africa, which is mainly based on its new physical and electronic document management activity. Indeed, Mobilitas plans to develop its archiving activity by building new sites or rehabilitating existing structures, in particular in Angola, Senegal and South Africa.

Project impact
This project will contribute to the development of archiving in Africa, where the activity remains underdeveloped and fragmented. The outsourcing of archiving should allow local companies with extensive storage needs (health facilities, financial institutions, etc.) to be more efficient and ensure optimal security and confidentiality conditions for their clients.
Date of signature of the project
Multi-country Global Angola Gabon Réunion Senegal
Financing tool
15 000 000 Euros
Amount of funding
Loan of EUR 15m
Financing details