Investment in LECF III: Promoting access to health and financial services in Asia and Africa

Multi-country Global
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PROPARCO is investing in the third impact investing fund set up by LeapFrog. This fund supports companies offering high-quality financial and health services accessible to all.
Client presentation

LeapFrog is an impact investing manager set up in 2007.

Project description

LeapFrog Emerging Consumer Fund III is the third fund of the impact investing manager LeapFrog. The fund will target investments in financial inclusion and health in Africa and Asia.

Project impact

The fund will support employment and training for local populations, by creating or maintaining over 40,000 jobs in Asia and Africa.          
The project is also based on an innovative investment strategy for the countries in question, by giving lower middle-income populations access to high-quality financial and health services.                         
Finally, the project will have very significant social impacts. LECF III has set very ambitious objectives in terms of impacts: reach 100 million beneficiaries, including 75 million people on low incomes, and support 50,000 jobs.

Date of signature of the project
Multi-country Global
Financing tool
17 000 000 Euros
Amount of funding
Equity investment of 20 MUSD
Financing details
LeapFrog Emerging Consumer Fund III, LP