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The Injaro investment fund invests in debt and equity to support West African SMEs in the agricultural sector, with a focus on allowing them to develop commercially profitable activities.
Client presentation
Injaro Agricultural Capital Holdings Limited is an investment fund which finances West African SMEs working throughout the agricultural value chain. It is managed by Injaro Investments Limited, a fund manager specialized in West Africa set up in 2009.
Project description
The investment fund makes debt and equity investments (USD 400,000 to USD 4m) and targets mainly family-owned West African SMEs. Its aim is to allow them to increase their productivity and move from a subsistence activity to a commercially viable activity. Proparco's financial support will be earmarked for the Injaro fund technical assistance facility. This facility will provide the companies invested in with training and consultant missions in key sectors, such as environmental and social governance or management.
Project impact
With a strategy targeting companies which are rarely eligible for traditional bank financing, Injaro is playing a key role in supporting agricultural development in the region and is contributing to boosting the SME base. The seven investments already made by Injaro have allowed SMEs to create 900 jobs and generate some USD 7m in gross income. This operation will also contribute to building the capacities of SMEs thanks to the training and missions financed by the fund’s technical assistance facility.
Date of signature of the project
Côte d'Ivoire Ghana Niger Mali Multi-country Africa
6 015 588 Euros
Amount of funding
Equity investment of USD 7m and technical assistance of EUR 250,000
Financing details
INJARO Agricultural Capital Holdings Ltd