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ODM Group is a network of clinics and centers specialized in cancer. PROPARCO, with a consortium of investors, has participated in the buyout of ODM Group from its historical shareholders. This project will increase the number of cancer diagnosis and treatment consultations in Morocco.
Client presentation

Oncologie et Diagnostic du Maroc (“ODM”), a group set up in 2014, is a network of diagnosis clinics and centers located in Morocco, specialized in the diagnosis and various treatments of cancer (Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, Brachytherapy, Surgery, Radiology…). 

This group is composed of referral centers in Morocco, such as the Al-Kindy clinic in Casablanca or the Menara clinic in Marrakesh. They are managed by doctors recognized in their fields and are equipped with some of the most advanced instruments in Africa (Linarc, stereotaxy…). This medical expertise has allowed ODM Group to establish partnerships with international research centers (Léon Bérard Center in Lyon).

ODM group, through its size and the extensive range of treatment provided, today receives patients from all social classes and actively participates in awareness-raising, screening and cancer prevention efforts in Morocco. 

Project description

Under this operation, PROPARCO, with a consortium of investors, including the Alta Semper fund, has participated in the buyout of ODM Group from its historical shareholders. It has given this consortium of investors control of the group and has allowed the management to implement its organic growth strategy (construction of new clinics) and external growth strategy (acquisition and refurbishment of existing clinics).
This buyout operation has therefore also been combined with equity financing for the group’s development strategy.

Project impact

The main impact expected from the project is to make up for the significant lack of specific medical equipment for oncology in Morocco (especially linear accelerators). This context of under-equipment in Morocco leads to a substantial proportion (60%) of cancer cases currently not being treated by facilities and under appropriate conditions. Over the next 5 years, and thanks to the financing and support provided by PROPARCO and its partners, the company will be able to provide some 285,000 cancer diagnosis and treatment consultations a year. 
This impact will mostly benefit Morocco’s salaried middle class, ODM Group’s main patient base. The project will also contribute to government revenue and to the creation of skilled local jobs (recruitment of 173 people planned over 5 years, including 75% of positions held by women). 

Date of signature of the project
Financing tool
19 000 000 Euros
Amount of funding
USD 22m Equity investment
Financing details
Groupe ODM