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By supporting Evex, the leading player in the Georgian hospital sector, Proparco is contributing to upgrading the group's establishments, implementing environmental and social standards, and developing outpatient care.
Client presentation
Evex is the leading player in Georgia's hospital sector, with a 25% market share for the number of beds and is part of the ongoing growth and upgrading dynamics in Georgia's health sector. Evex Group owns and operates 41 healthcare facilities, i.e. 2,670 beds, covering ¾ of Georgia's territory, making it the country's largest hospital network.
Project description

Proparco is supporting Evex's development by participating in its investment program for 2016-2018. The investment plan mainly includes (i) the refurbishment of the recently acquired hospitals, Deka and Sunstone, which are located in the center region and east region of Tbilissi; (ii) the development of outpatient care, with the construction of a network of outpatient and consultation clinics.

The emergency grant in 2020 has cofinanced the purchase of equipment, consumables and services to respond to the Covid-19 crisis in the health sector.  

Project impact
The project allows Proparco to support Evex's strategy to strengthen and upgrade its hospitals and provide added value in terms of environmental and social standards. The project has strong impacts in terms of job creation, training for paramedical staff, and increasing access to high-quality care for regions with little or no service.
Date of signature of the project
Financing tool
22 646 175 Euros
Amount of funding
USD 25m loan and EUR 150,000 of C19 emergency technical assistance financing
Financing details
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