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PROPARCO is supporting a training program for 9 banks in Bangladesh on the management of environmental and social risks in order to improve their E&S practices in terms of international standards.
Client presentation

9 banks in Bangladesh

Project description

The ESROM 2.0 (Environmental and Social Risk and Opportunity Management) is a training program on environmental and social (E&S) risk management and the relevant applicable international standards for 9 banks in Bangladesh.

The themes addressed are:

  • The E&S due diligence to be conducted in line with regulatory guidelines,
  • The points raised by the E&S impact assessments to be handled for projects in high-risk sectors, 
  • The application by the bank of international standards during the appraisal and monitoring of projects. 

This program follows on from the first training sessions organized in 2015 in the context of the Bangladesh Banks Initiative for 6 banks. It is cofinanced by several development finance institutions, including FMO, DEG, OeEB and the Green Climate Partnership Fund (GCPF).

Project impact

The program aims to give 8 training sessions to some 250 participants from 9 banks, and more particularly investment officers, credit risk analysts and environmental and social managers in partner banks. The operation will have positive local impacts: 

  • Sensitization of banks to the risks and issues of environmental and social (E&S) risk management,
  • Improvement in their E&S management system and their practices in terms of international standards,
  • Contribution to sustainably improving the economy in Bangladesh, as the banks act as a catalyst for E&S good practices in Bangladesh’s economic base. 
Date of signature of the project
Financing tool
12 790 Euros
Amount of funding
USD 15,191 of technical assistance
Financing details
Eastern Bank Limited, Brac Bank Limited, United Commercial Bank, One Bank Limited, Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited, IDLC Finance Limited Prime Bank Limited, City Bank Limited, Mutual Trsut Bank Limited