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Participation à l'Africa Fund IV  de ECP pour soutenir les EII africaines
Emerging Capital Partners (ECP) is a leading private equity player in Africa. Through its Africa Fund IV, ECP targets mid-caps with a capacity to go regional.
Client presentation
ECP is a pioneer and leading private equity player in Africa, firstly in French-speaking Africa through its presence and networks. It stands out for (i) the density of its team (28 investors, including 24 in Africa), (ii) its local footprint, via an unparalleled network of 7 African offices, and (iii) its strong experience, with dozens of divestment operations conducted on the continent.
Project description
ECP IV has a target size of USD 750m and will mainly target controlling interests in the capital of mid-caps whose market share, growth record and profitability highlight the potential of creating a regional platform. The fund is expecting about a dozen investments, from which the income will be earmarked for the external growth of the target companies and development of their productive assets . Despite its generalist position, the fund will target industries exposed to domestic demand where its team's experience will allow it to replicate successes, such as in the energy, telecoms and education sectors, sectors which are also appreciated by AFD Group.
Project impact
The project will support training and employment for local communities: 12,600 jobs will be created or maintained in various sectors, including the energy, education and health sectors. The project will target companies mainly located in West, Central and East Africa, which have little access to capital, such as start-ups. Finally, the project will support the development of inclusive projects targeting the middle-classes (e.g. microfinance, education, food).
Date of signature of the project
Multi-country Global
Financing tool
16 600 000 Euros
Amount of funding
Equity investment of USD 17,265,703.97
Financing details