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Ecobank, un prêt pour moderniser l’infrastructure technologique d’une banque universelle togolaise
Ecobank, in Lomé, needs to develop its technological systems and infrastructure. This upgrading will increase its capacity for operations and will allow it to have a greater impact on the development of the local economic base.
Client presentation
Ecobank Transnational Incorporated was set up in Lomé and is the parent company of Ecobank Group, the main pan-African banking group. The group operates in 33 African countries and employs 18,321 people in over 1,180 branches. Ecobank is a universal bank offering services and products in the fields of corporate and retail banking, services to small and medium-sized enterprises, merchant banking and electronic banking.
Project description
Proparco’s loan will support the development of Ecobank’s systems and technological infrastructure.
Project impact
This operation will contribute to strengthening Ecobank’s capacity for operations and the institution’s role in the development of the local economic base. It will help increase the volume and quality of the range of banking products in Sub-Saharan Africa. More generally, it will contribute to strengthening banking sectors on the continent.
Date of signature of the project
Multi-country Africa
Financing tool
36 255 529 Euros
Amount of funding
Loan of USD 50m
Financing details
Ecobank Transnational Incorporated