Senegal: Providing technical assistance to a pharmaceutical distributor to optimize its supply chain and improve energy efficiency in its buildings

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Pharmacie du centre de santé
Proparco’s Technical Assistance financing is being provided prior to a financial operation and aims to help DUOPHARM optimize its supply chain and bring it in line with standards, and also improve its energy performance.
Client presentation

DUOPHARM is a Senegalese wholesale pharmaceutical distributor specialized in the distribution of drugs and parapharmaceutical products. The company is the fourth largest distributor in Senegal and has managed to modernize, thanks to the presence in its beginnings of the shareholder I&P, which assisted it with the establishment of a strategic development plan and the implementation of a local commercial strategy. DUOPHARM has shown strong growth over the past five years with a turnover which has more than tripled. The distributor has major objectives for the coming years on the Senegalese market and has approved an investment plan to support its growth.

Project description

The Technical Assistance project aims to support DUOPHARM in the following 2 areas: 

  • Support for the supply chain in order to optimize its operation and comply with the rules set out by the Good Distribution Practices;
  • Energy efficiency: analysis of what exists (buildings and vehicle fleet) and design of the building to be constructed 
Project impact

This technical assistance will make it possible to: 

  • Strengthen DUOPHARM’s supply chain and apply good distribution practices (GDP)
  • Have adequate resources: appropriate staff, premises, material, equipment, means of transport 
  • Have clear procedures and instructions
  • Give staff appropriate training
  • Have a set of easily accessible documentation to monitor distribution 
  • Improve DUOPHARM’s energy performance: reduction of costs, reduction of GHG emissions
  • Sensitize DUOPHARM employees to energy efficiency issues 
Date of signature of the project
Financing tool
50 000 Euros
Amount of funding
USD 50,000 for technical assistance
Financing details
Head office country
Project number