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Projet CST
CST plays a key socioeconomic role in Chad: the sugar company is the country’s largest private employer. The increase in its production will contribute to improving living conditions for local populations.
Client presentation
La Compagnie Sucrière du Tchad (CST) is a subsidiary of SOMDIAA Group. CST was set up in 1970 and has two production sites: an agro-industrial complex located in Banda, in Southern Chad, and a sugar loaf and confectionery production plant located in Farcha, near N’Djamena. Its main activities are irrigated sugar cane farming, granulated sugar production, processing into lumps and loaves, and candy production.
Project description
This loan will contribute to financing CST’s investment program. This program plans to modernize sugar cane plantations and increase the production capacity and yields of the refinery on the Banda site. It also comprises the replacement of the drip irrigation system in order to improve the use of water resources. The total cost of the investment program is estimated at EUR 42m.
Project impact
This project will maintain the competitiveness and ensure the prosperity of CST, whose socioeconomic role is essential for the country. Indeed, the company provides significant tax revenues to the country. It is Chad’s largest private employer and generates, through its wholesalers and suppliers, an activity for tens of thousands of people in the country. CST has also contributed to improving living conditions for residents in Banda by financing the construction of 6 schools, 8 village wells and 400 latrines.
Date of signature of the project
Financing tool
5 000 000 Euros
Amount of funding
Guarantee of EUR 5 M given
Financing details