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A new USD 15m loan in local currency (Georgian lari – GEL) to JSC Credo Bank will provide liquidity to this major player in Georgia’s SME and microenterprise ecosystem, a key sector of the economy in Georgia.
Client presentation

Credo is the leader on the microfinance market in Georgia. It obtained a banking licence in 2017 which has allowed it to extend its range of financial products for its clients. While microcredit for rural communities in Georgia remains Credo’s core business, it has managed to develop a relevant range of services for SMEs, especially for the high-potential tourism sector. 

Project description

With financing in GEL equivalent to USD 15m, Proparco is reaffirming its longstanding partnership with Credo, as it is the 3rd financing project for this institution since 2015. Proparco is continuing its support with a technical assistance project in 2019. It aims to set up internal tools to provide products tailored to the needs of its clients and gain their loyalty, while improving its consumer protection practices.

Project impact

This project is providing liquidity in local currency (Georgian lari – GEL) to a leading player in its sector. Through these operations, PROPARCO is also increasing its support to Georgia’s SME and microenterprise ecosystem, which is a real driver of the country’s economy and the core target of the clients served by Credo. It should also maintain 2,200 direct jobs and create 500 additional jobs over the next five years, including 1,358 for women. The project could also potentially support indirect jobs with 57,000 clients. 

Date of signature of the project
Financing tool
15 815 157 Euros
Amount of funding
USD 15m loan in Georgian lari (GEL) and EUR 60,000 Technical Assistance
Financing details
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