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Projet ACME
ACME is a microfinance institution in Haiti and is developing in the provinces and rural areas. By promoting financial inclusion, ACME is supporting the creation of activities in the agriculture, small business and service sectors.
Client presentation
ACME is a Haitian microfinance institution owned by the founding NGO ACME Asbl, Incofin, IBD and private shareholders. With an outstanding loan amount of EUR 17m and over 34,000 clients, ACME is one of the island’s leading institutions. The average amount of its loans stands at EUR 650. The institution has a strong nationwide presence thanks to a network of 32 branches in Port-au-Prince and in the regions. Some 70% of its clients are women. ACME is a member of the SMART Campaign on Client Protection Principles.
Project description
PROPARCO’s financing will support ACME’s growth strategy in the provinces and rural areas, where the provision of financial services still falls short of demand. Its financing in local currency, with a 5-year maturity, will contribute to strengthening ACME’s financial solidity and stability. This project follows on from AFD’s partnership with ACME. The Group has mobilized its ARIZ guarantee mechanism for the microfinance institution, which aims to facilitate access to banking resources. The financial support aims to build the capacities and improve the processes of the Haitian MFI.
Project impact
Through its action, ACME will contribute to strengthening financial inclusion in Haiti. Between 2013 and 2017, it will create some 20,000 income-generating activities in the agriculture, small business and service sectors.
Date of signature of the project
Financing tool
2 763 680 Euros
Amount of funding
Loan of 165 MHTG and technical assistance of EUR 22,000
Financing details