Samson Ruwisi

Seed Co Group


Samson Ruwisi currently manages the Treasury function of the Seed Co Group. A holder of a Masters Degree in Banking from the University of London, Samson is a highly accomplished and results-driven agriculture and financial management executive with over 18 years of broad and diversified experience in commodity financing, trade and project financing, and international trade. Sam has previously held senior corporate positions in the banking sector in Southern Africa, as well as in the agriculture industry.

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Seed Co Group

Seed Co Group is the largest certified hybrid seed company in Africa, authorized to market seed varieties developed by itself, governments and other associated seed breeders. The company operates in over 15 African countries, with public stock exchange listings in Zimbabwe and Botswana. The Company is involved in the selection, multiplication and distribution of mainly hybrid seed varieties for the following crops: maize, wheat, soya beans, sugar beans, cowpeas, sorghum, groundnuts and vegetables.