Pawan Sarda

head of marketing and product development
Tata Housing Development Company


Pawan Sarda is head of marketing and product development at Tata Value Homes Limited, a subsidiary of Tata Housing Development Company. He is also part of a Tata group-wide customer loyalty programme. He was previously Chief Marketing Officer at India's Future Group, which runs chains of discount department stores and warehouse shops. Pawan holds an MBA in Marketing from the Institute of Finance and International Management in Bangalore.

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Tata Housing Development Company

Formed in 1984, Tata Housing Development Company, a subsidiary of Tata Sons holding company, develops residential, commercial and retail properties; employs 650 people; and currently has 5.1 million m2 at various stages of planning and construction. The company is involved in all consumer segments, from value housing to luxury homes, and invests in research and development to develop business models for low-cost housing. It aims to deliver quality construction through ethical business practices.