Mossadeck Bally

Founder, Chairman and CEO
Azalaï Hotels Group


Mossadeck Bally is Founder, Chairman and CEO of Azalaï Hotels Group, a flagship hotel chain in West Africa. He was born in Niger to Malian parents and initially studied in France, then the USA, where he graduated with a Master’s in Management and Finance from the University of San Francisco (California). Mossadeck Bally, through Azalaï Hotels Group, promotes a winning vision of “the African company”.

Published articles

Azalaï Hotels Group

Azalaï Hotels Group is the leading hotel chain in West Africa and is strengthening its international position. With over 20 years of experience and a headquarters based in Mali, Azalaï Hotels has developed a strategy focused on meeting the increasing needs of its clients. From Bamako to Abidjan, and including Ouagadougou, Bissau, Cotonou and Nouakchott, Azalaï Hotels Group has a strong local base, providing over 3,000 direct and indirect jobs across the subregion.