Frédéric Baccelli



After heading up the underwriting risk division of Allianz (formerly AGF), Frédéric Baccelli was also the group’s US correspondent for large corporate accounts. Between 2001 and 2010, he was successively CEO of Protexia France and of Carene before being appointed to the same position in Allianz Africa in 2010.


Allianz has a footprint in 15 African countries, from Morocco, down through Kenya to South Africa. In Sub-Saharan Africa at end-2015, Allianz Africa group had 17 subsidiaries in 12 countries, around 600 employees and €530 million worth of assets under management. Allianz markets a comprehensive range of insurance services for both private individuals and businesses and is involved in major international programmes including micro-insurance. It has approximately 700,000 microinsurance policy holders in West and Central Africa (policies mainly tied to micro credits).