Amolo Ng'weno

Managing Director
Digital Divide Data


Amolo Ng'weno is Managing Director of Digital Divide Data Kenya, a social enterprise providing data and research services to companies and governments. Previously, Amolo co-founded of Africa Online, East Africa's first internet provider and then worked as the COO of the Trust for African Rock Art, and as Deputy Director in the Financial Services for the Poor team in the Global Development Program of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Published articles

Digital Divide Data

Digital Divide Data (DDD) is a renowned social enterprise that delivers digital content, data and research solutions to clients worldwide. DDD has specialized in research into financial services in East Africa and in particular those used by low income populations. DDD implemented the Kenya Financial Diaries in 2013-2014. At the same time, DDD's innovative social model enables talented youth from low-income families to access professional opportunities and earn lasting higher income.