Alisée de Tonnac



After traveling around the world in 2013 to organize the first round of Seedstars World, an international seed stage startup competition focused on Emerging Markets, Alisée is now managing Seedstars World, the flagship brand of the global organization with activities in over 65 emerging markets (including Nigeria, Colombia, Egypt and the Philippines). She was recently nominated Innovation Fellow at Wired UK and participated in the Harvard Model Congress Europe where she received an Award of Excellence. Previously, Alisee worked as product manager for luxury brands at L’Oréal Group and was part of the Italian operation of Voyage Privé, a leading European startup.

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Seedstars is a global organization that aims to impact people's lives in emerging markets through technology and entrepreneurship. The objective is to connect stakeholders within innovation & technology ecosystems, to build companies in liaison with entrepreneurs and public and private partners and invest in the top high-growth companies.