Alhassan Shirazu

Policy and Strategy Implementation Coordinator


Dr Alhassan Shirazu is Policy and Strategy Implementation Coordinator, l’Agricultural Development Bank in Ghana, responsible for agricultural and agro-related lending. He lectures at the Universities of East Anglia and London and the London College of Management Studies. He is also a private sector consultant on UN-, World Bankand  EU-funded environmental and agricultural projects, and is a development and freelance journalist in Ghana’s public and policy arena. He holds PhDs in development studies and business administration, an MSc.ED, and a diploma in journalism.

Published articles


ADB is a state-owned Ghanaian bank, created in 1965, whose primary mission is to provide loans and financial services to the agricultural sector. A major player in the Ghanaian banking scene, ADB has the third largest national branch network and ranks no.5 – of 27 credit institutions in all – in terms of assets and loans.