Alexandre Wong

RSE & interculturalité


Alexandre Wong, PhD (Philosophy), is associate researcher at CNRS (the French National Centre for Scientific Research) and consultant. His research is focused on the historical, political and economic forces that have shaped people today and on intercultural approaches to corporate social responsibility (CSR). He coordinates RSE & Interculturalité (Intercultural Understandings of CSR), a network of experts working on the interactions between CSR practices at international, national and regional levels.

Published articles

RSE & interculturalité

RSE & Interculturalité (Intercultural Understandings of CSR) is a network of researchers and organisations – from the state sector, the private sector and civil society – dedicated to the intercultural and local dimension of organisations' CSR policies. The network explores the interactions between a ‘top-down' CSR policy – mainly focused on disseminating international regulations (standards, codes, etc.) across organisations – and a ‘bottom-up' CSR founded mainly on local social, political and economic practices already in existence.