Alexandre Borme

Development officer
Entrepreneurs du Monde


Alexandre Borme supports programs and social enterprises for access to energy developed by Entrepreneurs du Monde in Africa, Asia and Haiti. He worked for the Grameen Crédit Agricole Foundation for over three years, where he developed the investment portfolio in social businesses for access to energy. Alexandre has also taken part in several programs to convert NGOs into social businesses in Cambodia, Senegal and Haiti.

Published articles

Entrepreneurs du Monde

The mission of Entrepreneurs du Monde (EDM) is to enable thousands of men and women living in poverty to improve their standard of living by supporting their economic initiatives and making it easier for them to access products that will greatly improve their health, the economy and the environment. EDM helps them to succeed and to achieve economic and social progress. The association adopts a three- pronged approach based on social microfinance, social entrepreneurship and the creation of microenterprises.