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Sub-Saharan Africa: towards a low-carbon economy

Energies renouvelables - Afrique subsaharienne
Renewable energies hold a specific place within the mission and actions supported by Proparco all over the world. Since 2000, Proparco has financed 125 energy projects in developing countries representing 3.3 Bn€ in financings and 12.9 GW in installed capacity spanning all technologies (solar, wind, biomass, hydroelectric). Our priorities are: develop a low-carbon economy, favour universal access to energy and contribute to sustainable development within the countries we operate in. Joint interview with Fatoumata Sissoko-Sy, Regional Director West Africa for Proparco, and Raphaël Ruat, Managing Director of Biovea Energie.
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With Green Móvil, Proparco is supporting the electrification of buses in Colombia

Green Movil
One year after the Electribus project, Proparco is renewing its support for clean mobility in Colombia with Green Móvil. Financed in partnership with the Colombian development bank FDN, the operation will allow the city of Bogota to acquire 406 electric buses and the infrastructure required for them to run properly.
Details and analysis from Johann Choux, Regional Director for Colombia and the Andean Region, and Luis Andres Alandia, Senior Investment Officer at Proparco.
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With Microinvest, Proparco is supporting Moldova’s economic fabric hard hit by the war in Ukraine

Signature Microinvest
With a €8 million loan allocated to the microfinance institution Microinvest via its subsidiary Proparco, AFD Group is supporting Moldova’s private sector which is facing major challenges due to the economic repercussions of the conflict in Ukraine. This partnership was signed in late May during the first visit to Moldova by Rémy Rioux, AFD’s CEO, and is Proparco’s first operation in this Eastern European country.

Some details and analysis from Stéphane Froissardey, Regional Director at Proparco (Turkey, Central Asia, Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Balkans zone) and Estelle Schuppert, Investment Officer at Proparco.
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European EFSD+ guarantee tool: a driver to boost the private sector in high-risk sectors and geographical areas

drapeau europeen
Mobilizing funds delegated by the European Union is a strategic priority for AFD Group’s operations. Some €3bn of funds were mobilized between 2014 and 2020 for the entire Group. PROPARCO has been accredited since 2015 and today mobilizes certain instruments dedicated to the private sector, including the EFSD+ guarantee.

Some explanations about the EFSD guarantee just before the launch of th call for tenders by th Commission, from Pierre Forestier, Director Sustainable Devlopment department at PROPARCO
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