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How Seed Co Group is tackling climate change in Zimbabwe

Champs de blés
Farmers in Southern Africa are grappling with the hazards of climate change and reduced rainfall. Seed Co Group – a company based in Zimbabwe – is attempting to provide them with solutions by developing hardier seeds that can thrive in these changed conditions. Stepping up R&D investment and effort is a crucial part of the process and the results in terms of resilience can deliver multiple benefits to farmers. Interview with Samson Ruwisi, Treasury of the Seed Co Group.
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Kaizenvest is enhancing access to education in the Indo-Pacific region

Enfants Inde Education
To make up for the lack of public investment in the education sector, the Kaizenvest fund – with a footprint in five Indo-Pacific countries – invests primarily in educational infrastructure (i.e., schools, universities, nurseries) and businesses that improve access to education (e-learning). The aim is to make free, quality education accessible to as many people as possible. Sandeep Aneja, co-founder and CEO of Kaizenvest, explains.
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Sub-Saharan Africa: towards a low-carbon economy

Energies renouvelables - Afrique subsaharienne
Renewable energies hold a specific place within the mission and actions supported by Proparco all over the world. Since 2000, Proparco has financed 125 energy projects in developing countries representing 3.3 Bn€ in financings and 12.9 GW in installed capacity spanning all technologies (solar, wind, biomass, hydroelectric). Our priorities are: develop a low-carbon economy, favour universal access to energy and contribute to sustainable development within the countries we operate in. Joint interview with Fatoumata Sissoko-Sy, Regional Director West Africa for Proparco, and Raphaël Ruat, Managing Director of Biovea Energie.
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