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Proparco is committed to supporting the development of mini-hybrid solar networks in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Mini-réseaux hybrides de Nuru en RDC
Through a €1 million investment in the company Nuru, Proparco is helping to improve access to clean and accessible electricity for households and businesses. Proparco thus illustrates the importance given to projects contributing to the fight against climate change, as well as its determination to work alongside innovative private players committed to improving access to essential goods and services in fragile countries.
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Proparco acquires a stake in EDFI Management Company

Proparco recently acquired a 12.5% stake in EDFI management company (EDFI MC), which manages concessional funds on behalf of 15 European Development Finance Institutions (EDFIs), including Proparco. This strategic investment will increase the level of operational cooperation between the EDFIs and further strengthen their partnership with the European Union.

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